Management Update – Go buy Joe Loves Crappy Movies: Volume One

Joe Dunn, the hardest working man in webcomics, just released a collection of strips from his popular Joe Loves Crappy Movies webcomic.

If the name Joe Dunn sounds familiar to you, it’s because Dunn was featured in a Getting to Know article back in 2006 and was a special guest co-host on Hobo Radio 49 – A cromulent Simpsons spectacular. Dunn is also the guy who has drawn all of the artwork for HoboTrashcan, including all of the drawings of Hobo Stu and the cartoon versions of our columnists.

Joe Loves Crappy Movie: Volume One is available now for $15 (or, for $18 you can upgrade to the “Artist Edition,” which includes a hand-drawn image of your choosing in the front of the book). As you can see from the image above, I already ordered my copy of the book and got Joe to draw Hobo Stu stabbing Grimace (Grimace getting stabbed is a running joke in the comic).

Joe is one of the nicest and most talented guys I’ve ever met, so please pick up a copy of his book. The collection includes over 100 strips with exclusive creator commentary, as well as several never before seen bonus strips and sketches. I promise you won’t be disappointed by it (unless you are just some kind of jerk who hates everything).

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