Hobo Radio 196 – We cracked our wang

  • Introduction
  • Hugs
  • The East Coast earthquake
  • Monuments and dolphin shows
  • Conan/the state of movies
  • People you should know … David Koechner
  • The Rock’s 80s wrestling TV show
  • “Sack Lunch (Lets Sexy Fighting Remix)” by My First Earthquake

Those on the West Coast may snicker at the East Coast folks who were rattled by this week’s unexpected 5.8 earthquake, but there is one major casualty to this natural disaster – America’s wang. That’s right, the Washington Monument, the large white phallic symbol that stands proudly in our nation’s capital, is cracked because of the quake.

Joel Murphy and Lars talk about the earthquake, our nation’s wang and the other Washington, DC landmarks in this week’s show. They also talk about The Rock’s new Jerry Bruckheimer-produced wrestling show, the state of movies today and the proper etiquette for hugging friends.

Will America’s wang ever be the same? Why does Willem Dafoe in a dress look like the female Gremlin from Gremlins 2? And which one of those two would you do if you had to? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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