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Hanging Around … Super Art Fight

Super Art Fight, the Baltimore-based drawing competition, came to The Red Palace in Washington, DC and we were there to cover it. It was a night of intense action, as Team Impact was set to implode, “Red” Erin Laue was looking to avenge her loss at Super

Hanging Around … The Doctor Who Series Seven Premiere

With a pack of enthusiastic fans herded behind barricades, from a distance the Doctor Who Series Seven premiere in New York City looked like a typical big Hollywood event. However, upon closer inspection, it was clear that these weren't your average fans or Hollywood stars. Instead of

Hanging Around … The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler and Bat-pod Tour

This Memorial Day, Batman could be seen patrolling the streets of Baltimore with his trusty Tumbler Batmobile and his Bat-pod motorcycle parked nearby. No, this wasn't some sort of Wire-style crackdown on crime in Charm City. This was part of a nationwide tour to promote the

Hanging Around … the set of Things I Don’t Understand

On a cold April night in Brooklyn, New York, one block over from where they shoot The Good Wife, director David Spaltro stands on the sidewalk in front of a monitor doing final preparations for his next scene. His assistant director, Grant DeSimone, is talking to the