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Outside of the In-Crowd – Fantasy fall-ball

Courtney Enlow I do not understand fantasy football. It make about as much sense to me as Inland Empire and vastly less interesting. But I am to understand that it is absolutely fascinating and life-consuming for some of you. I am confused by your choices in hobby,

Outside of the In-Crowd – 2010 Emmy Liveblog

Courtney Enlow Let’s do this. First, the picks. Italics is my wishes and dreams; bold is who will actually win. OUTSTANDING DRAMA Lost Breaking Bad I’m still working through Breaking Bad and have not actually seen this past season, but I got enough “holy shit, holy shit,

Outside of the In-Crowd – Charlie Sheen might be the devil

Courtney Enlow Hear me out. So you’re on an elevator with the snozzberries guy who’s married to Christina Hendricks, Ryan Atwood’s brother Trey, some chick who I thought was from the trailer was the girl from Miss Congeniality but apparently isn’t, some other clowns and Charlie Sheen.

Outside of the In-Crowd – Regretful Adoration Theater: Grease 2

Courtney Enlow Yep. I saved the worst for last. Over the summer, I’ve brought you some of my darkest, most secret cinematic shames. But this one? This is the clincher. Grease 2 is, without any hint of exaggeration or hyperbole, the most batballs-retarded piece of movie shit