In honor of the epic annual NCAA basketball tournament, Joel Murphy and Lars are having their own March Madness tournament. They’ve decided to pick the eight best Philip Seymour Hoffman movies and the eight best Harold Ramis movies to go head-to-head in an epic battle to pick one ultimate winner. The eight films for each celebrity were selected by Joel and Lars, then randomly seeded against each other. In the final round, the top PSH and top Ramis movie will go head-to-head.

You can catch up on all of the weekly action below. We also encourage you to leave comments voting for your favorite films to help Joel and Lars in their (extremely difficult) decisions ahead.

Sweet 16: Hobo Radio 292 – The Year of McConaughey
Elite Eight: Hobo Radio 293 – Sadness and decay
Final Four: Hobo Radio 294 – Game of chicken
Finals: Hobo Radio 295 – Percy Sledge and the Olympians