Just Friends – Karen

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Name: Karen
Age: 18
Sign: Libra

It should come as no surprise that Karen has worked at Hot Topic ever since she was old enough. She’s not a big fan of people in general, but she’s a sucker for piercings and tattoos. She’d love to either be a piercer or end up in the music business … and she is way out of Joel’s league.

1. Why should Joel be your friend?

Because I’m awesome.

2. What are five random words that describe yourself?

Crazy, fiesty, silly, cute, outgoing

3. If Joel gave you a gun with three bullets (and Leonardo DiCaprio was already dead), what three celebrities would you shoot and why?

Paris Hilton because – well, isn’t it obvious? Lindsay Lohan, again very obvious, and probably Britney Spears just because.

4. What would be the perfect way to spend a day with Joel (assuming he allows you to hang with him)?

Go to a crazy death metal show or maybe the beach … or maybe shopping in NYC.

5. Joel just really pissed you off. You have ten seconds to tell him off. What do you say?

“Fuck you,” and then I probably beat the shit out of him.

6. Can Joel borrow five bucks?

I’m a poor college kid, so no. Sorry.

Joel Murphy is currently looking for new friends. If you would like to be Joel’s friend, send an email with photos to murphyslaw@hobotrashcan.com.

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