Just Friends – Nicole 2010

When deciding what features and people to bring back to the site for HoboTrashcan’s five-year anniversary, we knew we had to bring back Nicole, the witty, beautiful, foul-mouthed girl from Philadelphia who was one of the first lovely ladies to be featured in Just Friends.

Our editor-in-chief Joel Murphy has heard the words “Let’s just be friends” from many beautiful ladies in his life. Quite a few of them were generous enough to pose for photos and be a part of Just Friends. However, Nicole’s infamous bathtub photos were so sexy they effectively killed the feature, scaring off potential ladies who didn’t think they could make it over the high bar she set.

So today we revisit with the lovely Nicole and find out if Joel is still living comfortably inside her “friend zone.”

Name: Nicole
Age: 28
Sign: “God created alcohol to prevent the Irish from conquering the world”. The world needs no more ginger babies.

1. Are you and Joel still friends?

Not according to the restraining order.

2. Really … why?

Joel wasn’t comfortable waking up naked in a bathtub full of tequila and broken doll parts in Mexico after I roofied him anymore.

3. Was your life changed in any way by being featured on Just Friends back in 2005?

I wasn’t exactly prepared for everyone and their mother to learn how to search for names of loved ones on Google. My little brother asked me one day how come there was pictures of me in a bathtub posted on a site about homeless people.

4. What made you decide to come back for the five-year anniversary edition?

Joel asked me. And he sent me a book for my birthday. And that was pretty nice.

5. Will you still be available for the 25th anniversary?

God, I fucking hope not. No one is going to want to see a geriatric old lady trying a half ass attempt at looking sexy.

6. Have you heard any good jokes lately?

Your mom’s face is pretty funny.

7. Did Joel ever pay you back that five bucks?

I took him to court for $8 million in late fees and emotional pain. I now own HoboTrashcan.

Just Friends originally ran on HoboTrashcan from August 2005 to July 2006. Click on a photo to enlarge it or click here to start a slideshow.

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