Hobo Radio 170 – Natalie Portman naked, Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men podcast

  • Introduction
  • Harry Baals update
  • Glee and Two and a Half Men
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Goodbye Uncle Leo
  • “Train Whistle” by Hotels & Highways

Even though all they do is lazy covers of pop songs, people can’t seem to get enough of Glee. Even though they tell the same lazy jokes over and over again, people can’t seem to get enough of Two and a Half Men either. Joel Murphy has always been annoyed by the fact that people love these two shows, but things have finally reached a breaking point now that Glee has passed Elvis Presley for the most hits on the Billboard chart and Charlie Sheen continues to live his life as recklessly and as stupidly as possible.

Joel and Lars discuss these two popular shows and the people who watch them on this week’s show. They also provide a Harry Baals update, pay tribute to the man who played Uncle Leo on Seinfeld and discuss a disturbing revelation about Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher.

Can Glee ever be stopped? What bizarre medical treatment does Carrie Fisher undergo on a regular basis? Why the ridiculous title to this week’s show? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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