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One on One with Lance Reddick

Making a name for himself with acclaimed roles like Major Cedric Daniels on The Wire and Detective John Basil on Oz was not something Lance Reddick had originally planned. Reddick had always hoped to make it big as a musician, but turned to acting as a way

Perfectly Legal – Carrie Nations, 5th grade

Carrie Nations Ashley Layne was called “Meatloaf” for a month in 5th grade because she screamed it at us when we asked her what we were having for lunch that day. Her grandma was the school cook. She should have been used to the questions about lunch.

One on One with Mick Foley

Photo by Joyce Ravid Among wrestling fans, Mick Foley is seen as a “hardcore legend.” Wrestling as Cactus Jack, Foley earned a name for himself in Japan, wrestling in matches featuring barbed wire and thumbtacks. He worked his way up to the WWE, wrestling under the name

Just Friends – Nicole

Name: Nicole Age: 23 Sign: Slippery When Wet Nicole is an absolute whirlwind. She has a deadly combination of beauty, brains and a willingness to say exactly what’s on her mind. Maybe it has something to do with living in Philly, the only city to ever have

Perfectly Legal – A “DC Crew” confession

Carrie Nations You were either a Dawson Leary or a Pacey Wittier girl. Was it the intelligent, sensitive boy next door or the wise-cracking, sexual bad boy? For me, it was always Dawson, no questions asked. Then after several seasons, along came Jack McPhee. The boy from