Hobo Radio 153 – Whatever happened to Jeeves?

  • Introduction
  • Creepy dolls, reader comments and what could have been
  • Bringing back the dong
  • Google’s self-driving cars
  • Who almost played Yoda
  • Over 40 Top Five
  • “Back to the Future” by Futuristic Sex Robotz

Before Google became the king of all search engines, there was a humble butler named Jeeves who answered any and all questions web searchers asked him. Now that Google is moving to the next phase of their plan for global domination, which apparently involves cars that can drive themselves, Joel Murphy and Lars can’t help but wonder whatever happened to poor Jeeves.

In addition to Google’s newest venture, the dynamic duo also discuss creepy dolls, their Top Five Women Over 40 and the decline of the word dong. They also uncover yet another surprising tidbit about George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy.

Why are dolls so damn creepy? Is Lars autistic? And seriously, whatever happened to Jeeves? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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