On August 23, 2005, Joel Murphy, using emotional blackmail, convinced his brother Brian to help him create a pop culture e-zine called HoboTrashcan.com. Then, through a series of lies and broken promises, Joel recruited the finest Internet writers from around the globe to write for the site. The HoboTrashcan staff was finally complete when Joel won site mascot Hobo Stu in a poker game (Murphy only had a pair of twos, but he bluffed an oil tycoon who was holding pocket aces).

Since 2005, HoboTrashcan has been showered with love for its wide-ranging regular features and engaging celebrity interviews. Because of the overwhelming response, the site has shifted from a weekly e-zine to a daily blog.

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Currently, the update schedule for the site is as follows (though it is always subject to change):

A Million Universes (biweekly)
Overrated (biweekly)

Positive Cynicism

Murphy’s Law

From the Vault
Hobo Radio Podcast

Movie Reviews
Hobo Stu’s Weekly Recap

Celebrity interviews and feature stories will not be posted on a set schedule, so continue to check back daily for new articles.

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