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Overrated – Geeks in advertisements

[singlepic=1069,150,95] This week Ned Bitters wonders what happened to all of the pretty people in advertisements. Long gone are the days when handsome men and gorgeous women would sell you products. Now, it's geeks, losers and helpless slobs peddling products to consumers.

Overrated – Your comments to bikers

[singlepic=1052,150,95] Ned Bitters can't seem to get through a single bike ride through the serene countryside without one amateur comedian leaning out the passenger side of a passing car to hurl a witty one-liner his way. This week Bitters pays tribute to this colorful group of drive-by

Overrated – Family reunion angst: part deux

[singlepic=1043,150,95] Last year, Ned Bitters shared the highlights from his family reunion in the hills of West Virginia. He returned to the mountains again this year and is back once again with tales from his adventure, including potato gun hijinks, an overactive New Jersey woman and the