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Overrated – Stanley Cup hijinks

[singlepic=1000,150,95] Ned Bitters is an avid hockey fan who thinks that NHL players are completely mishandling their most prized possession - the Stanley Cup. He calls for some decorum in this week's column.

Overrated – Miscellaneous sports moments

Ned Bitters Nothing makes me happier than having something to be pissed off at. I think that’s why I continue to enjoy sports so much. Now, I can’t complain too much, as being a Pittsburgh fan of a certain advanced age has allowed me to experience an

Overrated – The Good Friday miracle

Ned Bitters This week’s inductee into the “Overrated Hall of Fame” is … last Friday’s miracle. Unless your news consumption consists entirely of updates on Snooki’s pregnancy and the latest on The Situation’s alcohol problems, you no doubt heard about last Friday’s Navy jet crash into a

Overrated – The Breakfast Club weed scene

Ned Bitters This week’s inductee into the “Overrated Hall of Fame” is … The Breakfast Club weed scene. I was showing the movie A Breakfast Club to my students this week. You’d think a 26-year-old teen movie would bore the hell out of today’s high school seniors,

Overrated – Eating contests

Ned Bitters This week’s inductees into the “Overrated Hall of Fame” are … eating contests. I hate that I know the name Joey Chestnut. Of all the ugly acts that make us ugly Americans, the eating contest might squat atop of that dirty, smelly trash heap of