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Overrated – College football playoffs

In 2014, college football will implement a playoff system, officially ending the tradition of having the National Title game decided solely by BCS rankings. While most fans are excited, Ned Bitters thinks it's overrated. He isn't displeased with the system because he thinks it's unfair or that

Overrated – Military honor

All of us here at HoboTrashcan wish those who served in the armed forces and their families a heartfelt Veterans' Day. But our heartfelt thanks to those who served isn't stopping contrarain Ned Bitters from writing an overrated column today examining the importance we put on the

Overrated – More miscellaneous sports moments

Unfortunately for Ned Bitters, he can't even sit back and watch America's pastime without seeing things he believes to be overrated. With the World Series and the NFL regular season grabbing America's attention this month, Bitters shares a few things about the two sports he finds overrated.