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Overrated – Preserving famous people’s houses

Andy Griffith's widow recently got permission to level the house she and her husband lived in together. This has upset some of Griffith's friends and fans, who believe the house should be turned into a museum. This week, Ned Bitters looks into the strange phenomenon of wanting

Overrated – Star athletes being overpaid

When Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco signed a new $120 million contract with the Baltimore Ravens that will pay him an average of $20 million per year, sports talk DJs and newspaper columnists were quick to question whether or not he is worth the cash. This

Overrated – Christmas foods

Christmastime is filled with a variety of special traditions. In addition to the presents and the decorations, one of the key components of Christmas is the food. From fruitcakes to Christmas hams to candy canes, there are a ton of specialty foods that crop up this time

Overrated – College football playoffs

In 2014, college football will implement a playoff system, officially ending the tradition of having the National Title game decided solely by BCS rankings. While most fans are excited, Ned Bitters thinks it's overrated. He isn't displeased with the system because he thinks it's unfair or that

Overrated – Military honor

All of us here at HoboTrashcan wish those who served in the armed forces and their families a heartfelt Veterans' Day. But our heartfelt thanks to those who served isn't stopping contrarain Ned Bitters from writing an overrated column today examining the importance we put on the